Cathedral State Park, Aurora, WV in Preston County is an ancient hemlock forest of majestic proportions, and one of the last living commemorations of the vast virgin hemlock forest which once flourished in the Appalachian Highlands.  Tress up to 90 feet in height and 21 feet in circumference.  Throughout the woods, eastern hemlock is the dominant species.  Over 170 species of flora including 9 species of fern, 3 club moss, over 30 tree species and over 50 species of wildflowers.  All this sits on 133 hilly to mountainous rather gentle sloping ground with an elevation varying from 2460 to 2620 feet.

Rt. 50, near Aurora, WV. Open daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
12 Cathedral Park Drive,  Aurora, W.Va. 26705