From Preston County Visitors’ Center 200 W Main St, Kingwood, WV 26537


(Rowlesburg School)

  1. Head east on WV-7 E/W Main St toward Tunnelton St
  2. Turn right onto WV-72 S
  3. Turn right onto Bufflo St.

Arriving at Buffalo St
Total: 14.2 mi – about 21 mins


DIRECTIONS TO Grafton National Cemetery
in Grafton, WV 
Starting from Buffalo St

  1. Head south on W Virginia 72 S/Buffalo St toward W Main St – Continue to follow W Virginia 72 S
  2. Turn right at US-50 W/W Virginia 72 S/George Washington Hwy – Continue to follow US-50 W
  3. Turn left at Victory Ave
  4. Continue onto Lincoln St
  5. Continue onto E Main St
  6. Turn left at US-119 S/W Main St – Continue to follow US-119 S
  7. Continue onto Beech St
  8. Turn right at Co Route 119/42/Walnut St
  9. Turn right at Armstrong Alley

Arriving at Armstrong Alley
Total: 26.7 mi – about 40 mins


in Philippi, WV
Starting from Armstrong Alley

  1. Head southeast on Armstrong Alley toward Co Route 119/42/Walnut St
  2. Turn right at Co Route 119/42/Walnut St
  3. Continue onto Pearl St
  4. Turn right at Liberty St
  5. Turn left at US-119 S/Webster Rd – Continue to follow US-119 S
  6. Turn left at Beverly-Fairmont Pike/Main St

Arriving at Beverly-Fairmont Pike/Main St
Total: 14.7 mi – about 24 mins


in Weston, WV
Starting from Beverly-Fairmont Pike/Main St

  1. Head west on Beverly-Fairmont Pike/Main St toward Mansfield Dr
  2. Turn left at US-119 S/Mansfield Dr – Continue to follow US-119 S
  3. Slight right at W Virginia 57 W
  4. Continue onto W Virginia 20 N
  5. Turn left to merge onto I-79 S
  6. Take exit 105 for County Rd 7 toward Jane Lew
  7. Turn right at Co Rd 7/Co Rd 8/Hackers Creek Rd
  8. Turn right at Main St
  9. Turn left at Co Rd 8/High St
  10. Slight left at Co Rd 10/Sycamore Lick Rd
  11. Turn right at Jackson Mill Rd
  12. Slight left to stay on Jackson Mill Rd

Destination will be on the right
Arriving at Jackson Mill Rd
Total: 33.6 mi – about 51 mins


Starting from Jackson’s Mill

  1. Head east on Co Rd 10/Jackson Mill Rd toward Sycamore Lick Rd
  2. Turn left onto Co Rd 10/Sycamore Lick Rd
  3. Continue onto High St
  4. Turn right onto Main St
  5. Turn left onto Co Rd 7/Hackers Creek Rd
  6. Turn left to merge onto I-79 N toward US-19
  7. Take exit 148 to merge onto I-68 E toward Cumberland
  8. Take exit 4 for W Virginia 7 toward Sabraton
  9. Take left onto WV-7 E/Earl L Core Rd (Kingwood)
  10. Turn right to stay on WV-7 E/Earl L Core Rd
  11. Turn right onto WV-7 E/Main St
  12. Take a slight left onto WV-7 E/Kingwood St
  13. Turn left onto W Main St

Arriving at Main St

Total: 73.6 mi – about 1 hour 31 mins